Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day

We took "labor day" literally and spent a lot of the day working - we went through boxes, cleared away clutter, cleaned out one of the cars (which we haven't done since we moved over a year ago...yikes), and did several pre-baby projects (like figuring out the stroller attachments for two children and getting the bottles/accessories cleaned and ready). Productive!

Natalie spent the day being cute, and trying to mess up anything we had just cleaned : )  

We encountered a HUGE spider in the corner of our bedroom, with a body the size of a squeezed quarter (as in not circular) and the giant protruding legs that go in front instead of the side, you know? AWFUL. The distance from the tip of the front legs to the tip of the back legs was probably as long as my middle finger. We panicked for a couple minutes trying to decide what to do (and trying to do it quietly since Natalie was actually taking a nap, shocker) and eventually figured out that this was no ordinary put-the-cup-over-the-spidey-and-suffocate operation: we had to go manual. I squished it dramatically with Austin's old putter and he used a mound of kleenex to pick up the remains and rush to flush them. Both of us felt physically ill during and after the incident, and now I keep catching myself looking in all the other corners checking for spiders. Horrendous.
 Just checking things out, enjoying a pants-free afternoon

BUT, more positively: we got a new box spring mattress!!! This doesn't seem like huge news unless you've dealt with our old box spring. It creaks if you just look at it, and when you sit down or, heaven forbid, lay down it sounds like the wood is 800 years old and Austin and I weigh two tons. We're convinced the screeching of this dumb box spring contributed to Natalie's sleep issues and were not willing to have similar issues with Stockton, especially since he'll probably be in our room for a while. Not to mention that we woke each other up every time we rolled over or got up to go to the bathroom. Best $79.99 we've ever spent.

In between cleaning/projects we would do something fun, like go to the store (wow we're cool) and make Natsby laugh. One of her and Austin's favorite games is when she sits on the couch and he throws a pillow at her face, then waits for her to push it off and says "BOO!" really loud. She is guaranteed to get the hiccups whenever they play this game because she gets laughing so hard. I love that Austin is such a hands-on, fun dad.

I forgot to mention this before but this weekend my dad took me on a daddy/daughter date, which we haven't done in years! We used to go when I was younger but now if we're hanging out someone else is usually with us too, and my dad thought it was time to rekindle the tradition. Fine by me - quality time with my awesome dad while having lunch and getting nails done? Can't lose. I'm glad we have such GREAT parents.

One of Natalie's favorite things to do is wait til I'm in the shower and then take everything out of the bin I have in the bathroom cabinet. I was sick of having toothpaste, hotel conditioner, and hair accessories always blocking my way in the bathroom and spilling out into the bedroom, so I put the lid on the bin and Natalie wasn't pleased. She decided instead to climb in the shower with me, and now I can't shower when she's around because she demands to shower too haha. I guess I can't blame her for wanting to be clean and fresh!
I made her sit wrapped in this towel while I got dressed
Hope everyone had a happy day off!

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