Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last Days of Summer

With football season in full swing it's been hinting at fall for a little while, but the past few days have solidified it with a gloriously autumnal feel to the air. I LOVE FALL SO MUCH. It's my favorite season for many reasons - hot chocolate, crisp air, crunchy leaves, pretty colors, hoodies, my birthday, Halloween, and just the general cozy feel. We've spent the last hot days of the year (hopefully!) playing and keeping busy.

Um, mom, why did the Huskers blow it against UCLA?

Natalie getting her rage on during the game
We went on a family IHOP date Saturday morning since we were all up and ready before 7 - I sort of judged myself for going there but everything was DELICIOUS. Natalie agreed.

Another plus to fall: a new type of wardrobe! We couldn't resist whipping out Natsby's first pair of overalls. It brings me back to my childhood - I think at least half of my elementary school pics feature overalls. I wish they were still acceptable attire for adults.

Now that Natalie walks and it's not 1000 degrees outside, we've been venturing out to the park more often.
Playing at the park mainly consists of Natsby toddling around, saying "woah!" and pointing and squealing, getting excited when other children come close and very occasionally trying out some of the actual equipment.

She loves to play at home too, and I'm so grateful that she is good at self-entertaining right now. I will sit myself down on the couch and just watch her, being available for toy consultations (such as turning on the rolling bee or opening the box) and ready to read when she drags a book over. A lot of times she'll just stop playing for a minute and come over for some hugs, and that's my favorite : )

Natalie loves being outside, too. One of her favorite activities is pacing back and forth on our little patio - she could stay out there for an hour and be completely content. And, of course, she loves when Daddy gets home and they get to play!

It's been rainy today and yesterday which I'm a fan of, but Natalie misses going outside and makes up for it by getting creative in her mess-making inside.

"rain rain go away!"
Last but not least, my great friends in the ward gave me a perfect baby shower and I was so grateful! Here's a link to a post/pictures about it - Harry Potter themed, people...doesn't get any better than that!! Thanks everyone!

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