Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Only Child (no more)

Only one more day as an only child for our dear Natsby! She's been extra cute lately, but also extra clingy I think. Her little spirit is picking up on the vibes that change is around the corner and she's been requesting lots of hugs and cozies and loves, which we are more than happy to give. One of the reasons I was nervous about having children so close together is that our time with just Natalie was only a little over a year - I've loved devoting all of my attention to her and I'm sure she's been more than happy with that arrangement, so I think one of the biggest challenges of having another baby will be making sure they she still gets enough attention.

We spent Sunday afternoon in Papillion and it was a beautiful clear day so Natalie took advantage of the big backyard and played for a long time, frolicking back and forth in the grass.

She's just so happy and curious and lovely - I adore her personality.

I think she is going to love having a brother *eventually* - she is so playful and social, I'm already looking forward to when Stockton can interact more. I hope they are pals, I hope that if (okay, when) they fight they at least hone their wit by coming up with creative insults, I hope they protect and stick up for each other. The brother/sister relationship is very special, and I am glad that neither of them will grow up remembering anything other than having each other. I'm sort of sad to say goodbye to this time of only having and loving and enjoying my one sweet daughter, but I know that everything will be even better with this new precious soul in our home. Cross your fingers!

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