Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Great Natsby

What a day, what a week! I am happy to report that Natalie is back to her normal jolly self and the crankies have gone away for now. She has been SUCH a happy funny friendly Natsby the past couple days and we've really been enjoying every single second with her. I've been gone most of today and I really missed being with my little girl - definitely a good reminder to be grateful that I am able to stay home with her most of the time.

Things that our Natsby is up to lately:

+saying "WOAH!" in all sorts of different intonations and volumes...the cutest
+still pointing at everything, especially when she wakes up and when we go new places
+climbing onto the rocking footstool
+enjoying different toys after I rotated them out
+loving reading more and more
+saying "ribbit ribbit" (which really sounds more like "weeuh weeuh")
+going to bed at exactly 7 pm every night and sleeping for 12+ hours
+identifying "clock" "piano" "fan" "light" and "lamp" consistently with a point and a self-satisfied giggle
+scrunching her nose up when she's extra grinny about something
+taking better naps again (mommy wins this battle, at least for now!)
+loving apple juice - she feels so privileged when it's not the regular milk or water in her sippy
+giving SO many hugs and loves - she shows a lot of affection and we are thrilled recipients

She is growing up and it is delightful to be a part of her world. Gosh, she just makes us the happiest.

Austin is in Omaha this evening so Natalie and I decided to go watch the Nebraska game and have some din for a mommy/daughter date. It was the best - I love watching people watch and smile when they see Natalie, she's such a charmer.

I got my pre-birth pedicure that I have been counting down to literally since January when we found out I was pregnant. It was MAGICAL. I didn't shave and my toenails were kind of awkwardly long so she actually had to whip out the nail clippers (tmi? sorry, it's too hard to bend over at this point), but my poor puffy cracked feet felt so loved and pampered after oils, lotions, massages, and a fresh coat of baby boy blue polish!

ALSO, big news for us Harry Potter freaks: there is a brand new special edition boxed paperback set of all seven books with new cover/binding/back art and we are in love...we were practically hyperventilating when we saw the set and couldn't wait to have it. We had to capture this historical event for posterity. (Note: we now have two complete sets of Harry Potter and three incomplete sets...not ashamed.) OH, and we changed Stockton's middle name so we still aren't revealing it yet but we can now tell you that we were planning on doing Stockton Black Poulsen, after Sirius Black. We were saying the name out loud the other day and just weren't feeling it anymore...we thought it was a little too dark and sinister, so we brainstormed and now have a new middle name! Happy waiting, muahahahahaha : )

Speaking of Stockton, he is growing and squirming and getting so close to coming to meet us! For a variety of medical/logistical reasons, we are thinking about inducing up to a week before his due date, which would mean he would be here in less than three weeks!!!! As Natalie would say, WOAH!

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