Wednesday, September 25, 2013

-_-, I got the call an hour ago.

I'm still recovering.

I didn't cry or pout or whine or freak out.

But my excitement turned to impatience and my motivation turned to idleness.


The hospital is too busy to admit me at 7:30pm as planned, so I'm on an "on-call" status until 5am.

Which means all my hopes and dreams are crushed.

K it's not that bad, but I was/am pretty disappointed. I think one of the hardest parts of pregnancy for me is the waiting, and I thought that my waiting was over because I had this 7:30 deadline. Now that it's gone, I'm back to playing my least favorite waiting game and it's pretty discouraging.

BUT - for all of my wallowing, we still will have a baby sometime tonight or tomorrow, and everyone is still healthy (if not as happy), and I'm still a week early anyway so I can't complain too much.


Earlier we had a "last supper" of sorts and went out for our final lunch as a family of three. We spent the day doing Natsby's favorite things: reading, playing outside, eating, taking a bath, playing inside, and hanging out with Daddy at the office. I wanted to make sure Natalie felt extra loved and had a fun day. Now she's asleep and Austin and I are meandering around in a stupor, waiting to pounce on the phone as soon as it rings. (Which it better! I mean how will we be able to sleep tonight? Ugh.)

And it's only 7:11, which means we'd be leaving now for the hospital but now probably won't do anything exciting for hours.

Phew. I'm going to "curl up" as best as a pregnant belly can and distract myself in a good book to regain my positive energy. Baby baby baby! Woo! Not as soon as we expected but still *hopefully* ASAP!!!

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  1. MAYYYBBBBEEEE.. now you're body will be more ready for labor so it will go as fast or faster as it would have so instead you got to spend a few more minutes at home instead of a hospital but still got to hold Stockton just as soon :D Just trying to send some positivity your way! Can't wait to see pictures of your little boy! Hang in there!