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(A few disclaimers before we get started:

Stockton's first four weeks have been WAY easier emotionally, mentally, and physically than Natalie's were. I'm just in a better place in every way, mostly because I'm not doing it for the first time again. 

I love being a mom and have fun and laughs and those wow-I'm-so-blessed-I-might-cry-right-now moments every day. BUT I think it's important to record the ups and downs, so don't think I'm being nega-Jessie. I'm just being real, y'all.

Yes, I have it easier than a lot of people, I know I'm not starving and my children are healthy and we have iProducts galore...doesn't mean I can't complain once in a while, people!)

look at the difference a few weeks makes! 
SO...we've made is 4 weeks and 1 day since our son was born. It's gone fast but it seems like he's been with us for months, not just weeks - time is funny like that. When people ask me how I'm doing it's always in that …

On Being a Big Sister

He's really cute (but not as cute as me, duh), cries a lot, sleeps a lot, and likes being wrapped up in blankets. I kept seeing Mommy swaddle him, so I tried doing it to my kitty once. My mom said it was pretty cute.
 Mommy always tells me things like "Careful, Natsby!" or "Please be gentle, no no no don't poke your brother in the eye, be soft." It's kind of annoying because I just want to check him out, you know? He's MY brother, after all...I should be able to poke him all I want! I wish he would hurry up and grow so we can play for real.

 Mommy isn't happy when I try to tug his feet out of the bouncer or swing. She says I need to be "nice." I am being nice, I'm helping him get out! Duhhhh, Mom. She also doesn't really like when I pull his blankets off when he's in the carseat or try to pull him out, which I don't really get...I just want to play, you know?

Stockton has to eat...a LOT! I'm not really sure what M…

Pumpkin Time

Instead of the $16/person admission prices at area pumpkin patches, we opted for the FREE, albeit less exciting, pumpkin "extravaganza" at a local garden/produce center. GREAT idea - we got all the typical pumpkin pictures of Natalie we were looking for, dealt with zero crowds, and didn't break the bank. It was literally piles of pre-picked pumpkins dotting a field next to a few weak attractions (i.e. pumpkin bowling, a hay bale that looked like a tarantula, etc). Bingo.

 is there anything cuter than action shots of a running baby? 

she kept darting from pile to pile...she was huffing and puffing afterwards haha

 She LOVED when Austin set her in the middle of a big pile of could see her grin a mile away. I was waiting for her to topple over and get a pumpkin stem to the eye, but she actually maneuvered herself very well. And lost a shoe in the process.

 She "picked" a little pumpkin (as in Austin chose the first one he saw and called it good) and…