Friday, October 25, 2013

On Being a Big Sister

Hi! I'm Natalie Jane. 
I like to read.
This is my brother, Stockton. 

 He's really cute (but not as cute as me, duh), cries a lot, sleeps a lot, and likes being wrapped up in blankets. I kept seeing Mommy swaddle him, so I tried doing it to my kitty once. My mom said it was pretty cute.
It's sort of tiring holding him, whew!
I need a break!
 Mommy always tells me things like "Careful, Natsby!" or "Please be gentle, no no no don't poke your brother in the eye, be soft." It's kind of annoying because I just want to check him out, you know? He's MY brother, after all...I should be able to poke him all I want! I wish he would hurry up and grow so we can play for real.

I know I know, "don't touch", blah blah blah

...but his feet look so pull-able!
 Mommy isn't happy when I try to tug his feet out of the bouncer or swing. She says I need to be "nice." I am being nice, I'm helping him get out! Duhhhh, Mom. She also doesn't really like when I pull his blankets off when he's in the carseat or try to pull him out, which I don't really get...I just want to play, you know?

Look what I found, Mommy!
See? He didn't need it anyway. *crying in the background*
Stockton has to eat...a LOT! I'm not really sure what Mommy does when she feeds him, but whatever, it's cool. Sometimes I come over and check them out when he's eating, but most of the time I go play or look outside.
I come into my room to play a lot. I'm glad there
are so many toys, and I love it when Mommy or
Daddy come play with me. Can you see me in this pic?
I love watching the construction workers
outside. Constant entertainment!
 I reeeally like playing games with Mommy and Daddy. Peekaboo is a fave, and I also really like bouncing in the crib, playing chase, and dumping the balls all over my room. (Because it's MY room...not my brother's. Just getting that straight.)

Sometimes I get bored while Mommy is helping Stockton, and I sort of make messes. But it's so fun!

I'm LEARNING, Mom. No need to be mad.
Yeah, I sort of overdid it on this B

I see a trash can, I dump can't blame me.
 I'm learning and growing too, just so everyone knows. It's not like Stockton is the only important one around here! I made Mommy laugh when I ate this whole piece of pizza by myself. Apparently it was pretty cute. I also say lots of things now and learn super fast - I know the word "pumpkin" now, and my favorite thing to say is "Potter Potter Potter!" Mommy taught me by showing me a picture of some guy named Harry Potter that she seemed pretty jazzed about...whatever, it's a fun word to say so I say it all the time.

My mom's too busy to do her hair, but I thought
she needed a little reminder. It's kind of embarrassing...
 I love when my brother is sleeping because it means my mommy lets to play with ONLY me - I'm pretty patient, I must say, but nothing is better than getting full attention. It's even better when Daddy gets home!!

So, Stockton, welcome to our family...I guess you can stay : )
(even with your creepy demon eyes)
...but remember: I'M THE CUTEST. Just sayin.

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