Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Time

Instead of the $16/person admission prices at area pumpkin patches, we opted for the FREE, albeit less exciting, pumpkin "extravaganza" at a local garden/produce center. GREAT idea - we got all the typical pumpkin pictures of Natalie we were looking for, dealt with zero crowds, and didn't break the bank. It was literally piles of pre-picked pumpkins dotting a field next to a few weak attractions (i.e. pumpkin bowling, a hay bale that looked like a tarantula, etc). Bingo.

 is there anything cuter than action shots of a running baby? 

she kept darting from pile to pile...she was huffing and puffing afterwards haha

 She LOVED when Austin set her in the middle of a big pile of could see her grin a mile away. I was waiting for her to topple over and get a pumpkin stem to the eye, but she actually maneuvered herself very well. And lost a shoe in the process.

 She "picked" a little pumpkin (as in Austin chose the first one he saw and called it good) and then didn't really want anything to do with it until we got home. We tried to get some pics though...

Natalie was also interested in the little head-in-hole picture opportunities, although she preferred to peek through herself instead of being picked up and forced to look out.

 We invited our friends and their cute 9-month-old (Natsby's best friend, naturally) so it was fun to have company.

Stockton was completely bundled...we don't want to inhibit Natalie's fun or experiences, so the baby sort of just gets dragged around instead of being warm and safe at home. I'm glad he puts up with it well!

 super snuggly in the bjorn

There was a "corn tunnel" and I wasn't sure how Natsby would feel about it, but she loved it! Especially when Daddy chased her. I'm glad they are such good pals - Austin is the BEST dad, and Natalie completely adores playing with him. Just look at their smiles!

It was a great outing! i'm sure we'll return for the upcoming years, at least until Natalie is old enough to actually enjoy a real pumpkin patch. Happy Fall, everyone!

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