Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stockton Luke Poulsen

He's HERE!

(...where do we even begin? So much to write!

I'll save the labor/delivery/hospital post for later and keep this post pretty basic for now so I don't get overwhelmed with all the details. There's so much to remember!)

 What a stud!
September 26, 2013 5:28pm 9lb 7oz 21in 

We are in little baby boy heaven : ) In his first week of life he already slept more than Natalie's whole first month's the best! He is a great eater, and now at 10 days of life he is on a great every 2.5-3 hour feeding schedule. I wasn't able to have much of a routine for Natsby since I was in school and we were in complete flex mode, but now that I get to stay home I'm intent on having a good schedule for everyone's sake! We are also intent upon developing him to be a much better sleeper, especially at night, than Natalie was, and it's going well so far. 

The only snag this whole time has been a couple gnarly gas/constipation incidents...poor baby gets a really tight tummy and screws up his whole face and pushes with all his manly might but sometimes has to struggle for a long time to get it out. That was our whole last night so we were pretty tired this morning, but we still feel like we can't complain since he seems to be a good sleeper when gas isn't bothering him. (And I feel about a thousand times better physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally than I did after we brought Natalie home from the hospital so I'm already ahead of the game this time.)

Little details about our life right now:

-I can nurse anywhere: walking around the house, while I'm rebinking Natalie in the middle of the night, while I'm feeding her in the high chair, while I read her a book, while I basically do anything. Good thing he doesn't have any issues breastfeeding and allows me to move around so much - I'm sure I look ridiculous but hey, if Natalie is happy I'm happy.

-I don't nap during the day but when Natalie is asleep I read (just finished Divergent and Insurgent...I'm totally infatuated.)

-I love my husband. At night we take turns sleeping on the couch next to the bassinet and I am so grateful that he is willing to help so that I get some time in my own bed - I feel rested and energized most of the time, thanks to him.

-Outings have to be reeeeeally worth it. It is hard carting two babies around, so we usually stay inside. (Especially with this cold front that just rolled in.)

-Visits from my mom are the BEST. She needs to quit her job and come over every day.

burrito baby strikes again!

Things we've noticed about Stockton:

-he looks like a different family member every hour it seems, but I still stick to my original thought that he looks like Austin most of the time

-when he's in his swing he always stares at the star hanging down to his left, for some reason

-his hair is short but we can tell that it's curly, and it's already starting to get a lot lighter

-he HATES being cold (whereas Natalie still can't stand being hot)

-he LOVES being swaddled as long as he's not gassy (whereas Natalie couldn't deal with the swaddle for two seconds)

-he likes the car

-his cries and hand movements remind us of Natalie as a baby

-he doesn't fuss, like ever, unless he's gassy, and even then it's only when he's actually in the moment

He's our little champ and we are so happy he is here : ) more details to come!

(Oh, and his middle name is for Luke Skywalker. Austin couldn't be more thrilled that I allowed it : ) )

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