Friday, October 11, 2013

The First 48

Natalie was sent to the NICU a few hours after she was born, so our hospital stay was mostly spent in her room instead of ours. This time was much more relaxing - the nurses were helpful but got the vibe that we weren't clueless and were fine with being left alone as much as possible, which was great because who wants to be bugged every half hour by a new nurse? (The first night someone woke me up at 3 in the morning to draw my blood...I seriously almost kicked her I was so miffed.)

 We feasted on the jell-o from the refreshments room and enjoyed the chocolate pudding and pizza from the cafeteria, supplementing with our own treats and snats (trolli eggs, orange milano cookies, jolly ranchers, goldfish, etc). We sent Stockton to the nursery at night between feedings so we were nice and rested, and Natsby came to the hospital a couple times each day to hang out with us.

my boys!
To be honest, I was bored most of the time and was totally ready to go home earlier than they would let me. It was nice to have some one-on-one time with our baby though and let others take care of Natalie. I was grateful for visitors because it made the time go faster. Stockton has been an excellent nurser from the first latch, and he also sleeps a LOT more than Natalie ever did. He does struggle with gas, however, (more on that later), which interrupts his sleep...grr. We still can't believe he weighed so much - I would have sworn Natalie felt bigger in my stomach. Maybe I was just less of a wimp this time.

Friday night is our date night, and being in the hospital didn't stop us! We made microwave popcorn and watched Heavyweights until we fell asleep : )

I forgot what it was like to be pregnant almost instantly. I remember logically, but the physical memory is completely wiped. Fine with me - I love having my body back, and I'm looking forward to toning it! I have felt so good this whole time - lots of energy, healing really quickly, no weird recovery issues or anything. It's been awesome and I feel very blessed. I felt like I didn't belong in the hospital because I was doing so well, and Stockton too.

Natalie pretty much ignored Stockton, preferring to check out all the fun toys and new places in the hospital room. I was relieved that she wasn't lashing out or acting funny - still our curious, lovely, fun Natsby!

When they let us go we loaded up the (double!) stroller and put the CHILDREN! in the car, then picked up some Noodles on our way home (actually it was way out of the way, but totally worth it). A happy homecoming indeed : )

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  1. YOU HAVE TWO KIDS!!! i still really want to come over and visit, I've just been wanting to give you space and haven't been sure. let me know. i'm so glad it's going well, he's so precious! glad that IN THE END his delivery went well, how is it that they're all so different!