Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Month of Natalie

Our sweet baby-but-really-toddler Natalie Jane is a couple days shy of being 16 months! It's weird to think that this time last year she really was just a little baby and now she's running around, talking and playing.

She was sick last week so we had some rough moments...

 She came out of her room crying pitifully so I followed her back in to see what was the matter, and she was upset that she couldn't climb into her crib haha.

But most of the time she sat calmly on the couch with Kitty by her side. I'm glad she's feeling better now, although she's teething so we get the random outbreak of fussies here and there throughout the day. She still only has four teeth!

She spends a lot of her time making messes and getting into things...

 She's always been curious and observant; you can't get anything past this girl! Natsby loves playing peekaboo, hide and chase, poke Stockton, and pull all the books off the bookshelf. She's constantly busy, checking out her surroundings and exploring all there is to explore.

closet hiding
post-bath curlies

tootsie pop time
working out with mommy
We love our smart, happy, silly little girl. She's the best!

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