Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Month of Stockton

While this "little" man has never really been "little," we were still floored to hear that he weighs over FIFTEEN POUNDS at two months...holy chunker! He hardly ever has gas problems anymore (hallelujah!), has started to smile and coo (the best!), and sleeps as well as can be expected (one five-hour stretch and more before and after). We are grateful that he is in our family - I'm LOVING getting to know him better and see more of his personality come out.

Prepare for an onslaught of pictures, oldest to newest...

 the process of waking up...

We love this guy - so mellow and relaxed.

 I will never get tired of pictures of our beautiful children! No apologies for the amount of pics in these posts.

never lasts long for tummy time - usually just falls asleep

15 lb 6 oz at 2 months - he is literally off the charts
 It's been so nice adding a person to our household - being a family of four is enriching and fulfilling and tiring and fun.

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  1. so glad you had a chance to update! stockton is darling (and oh-so squishy!). keep up the good work, momma!