Friday, November 8, 2013

Natsby - 14 months

Natalie is now 15 months old, but let's rewind and take a look at what she was up to last month:

 (unwillingly) being a mermaid

practicing the art of the eyebrow - she especially enjoys furrowing (see middle) 

UNCEASINGLY stealing Stockton's blankets. It's an ongoing battle.

 she loves pretending to sweep and saying "vacuum" (which sounds more like "ba-tee ba-tee!") 
hopefully she still enjoys these cleaning supplies when it's time for her to do chores!

 she's graduated from board books to novels. it's cute to watch her "read" these adult books.

climbing into the shower - she loves the water and thinks it is hilarious to sneak in when the showerer isn't paying attention. haha she is so proud of herself in that picture

 playing : ) 

 one day she dragged the folded up umbrella stroller out from the hallway and after I set it up she played in/with it all day, including a brief stint watching Monsters University with me

I don't have enough pictures of this type of thing but she is the opposite of claustrophobic - she loves tight spaces, little hard-to-get-to places, anywhere she can wedge herself and be squished and condensed. (i.e. behind the swing, between the dressers, under the crib, etc)

 taking clothes out of drawers. sometimes I put them on her head.

 this is the whiny face I get when I'm feeding Stockton and Natsby feels like I should be doing something else

 sometimes she just needs to relax for a minute

 she LOVES looking out the window (notice the dirt we used to have - the grass looks sooo much better!)

 she still loves getting into things and playing with Daddy, of course

we love our happy girl : ) 

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