Thursday, November 28, 2013

Out and About

(All these pictures are at least a month old...I'm still catching up!)

As I've said before, getting out of the house helps my days go better. I enjoy driving in the relative stillness of the car (meaning I don't have children competing for my needs) and listening to music or talking to a friend. We often end up at the grocery store since I only really think about our eating needs one day at a time so we're constantly in need of items. We also go walking at the mall pretty regularly. The children are great shoppers and are usually very content in the car as well. They are a lot to carry, however!

With Natalie in the front and Stockton's carseat in the cart, there isn't a lot of room for groceries and other things. We're good at improvising, aka burying the kids.

We are SO glad Stockton is a carseat baby! Natalie never stayed in the carseat for longer than was absolutely necessary, but this boy voluntarily spends a lot of time in the cowmooflauge. In fact, last night I went shopping at 8pm with him in tow, and then he stayed asleep when we got home so I left him in his carseat in the living room. At 10:30pm he was still asleep so we went to bed and he didn't wake us up until 1:30!

 gahh he's so tiny in these pictures!

 Natalie loves this little play area in the mall - it's her reward for being good in the stroller while I walk

Stockton's hiding in his carseat in the back of the stroller
I love running errands with these little babes, but it sometimes takes more effort to get out the door than our actual outing. Soon we'll add the Children's Museum to our list of places to hang out!

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  1. Your posts are awesome not only for moms who get a great picture of what it is like to be a mom, but also what its like to be a baby!