Thursday, November 7, 2013


(So, October didn't really exist for us in the blog world...forgive the ensuing catch-up posts and million pictures that will get us back on track!)

I'm on picture overload (and soon you will be too!) so I can't really get my thoughts together, but we love our little man more and more every day, the cute thing. He is a mellow baby and enjoys sleeping, snuggling, farting, snacking, and the carseat. I'm grateful his gas issues have improved so much - he still struggles here and there but I am feeling very relieved! The longest he has gone between feedings at night is five hours and during the day he eats every three (usually). He doesn't make very many faces yet, but he does have beautiful blue eyes like his daddy and his cheeks are almost up to the Natalie standard : ) We're thankful that he's in our family - it's fun to look forward to each development.

Here's our handsome guy:

in one of many get-the-gas-out positions (with the o-ring pee face)

happy halloween! not having it

 wow, he's filled out so much since these pictures a couple weeks ago!

 always watching

cozy and swaddled 

classic "ahhhhhhh" face after burping

 bath time!

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