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Daily December Life

Life is good, and we are happy : ) Both children are growing and changing so fast! I had one of those moments today when I'm startled by how beautiful and perfect and precious Natalie is - she cruised into the kitchen in her stripe-ity pink jammies with bright eyes and an excited expression, holding some toy out for me to inspect and I just couldn't believe this intelligent, joyful little person is my daughter. She is so curious and independent and SMART and lovely.

Stockton loves catching your eye and giving those huge gummy grins - he's different than Natalie was as a baby, as in he's content to just relax in your lap or on the play mat or in the swing; she needed more attention. He is mellow and pleasant where she was observant and feisty. He pretty much has control over his neck and is usually searching for a face to smile upon. We love this little man - every day he evolves into more of an interacting, aware, unique person and it is truly a joy to see.

I LOVE not …

December Housework and Traditions

We've lived in this apartment for a year and several months now, and this week I cleaned out the pantry for the very first time. It wasn't gross or anything, just chock full. I had no idea we could even fit that many cans in one small space!

I should have taken a picture of the actual pantry, but just imagine a slim, four-shelved little closet. It's a miracle that all of this food was stuffed in there. I unknowingly had seven cans of chicken stock, 9 cans of tomato paste, and, wait for it...11 cans of beans! This isn't even supposed to be our food storage, just our day-to-day usage, but it was lost among all the crackers and puddings and pastas so I kept buying more, thinking we were out. I won't have to shop for non-perishables for a while!

In other news, I'm finally a true housewife: I MADE A REAL PIE!! And it was a success! Pumpkin chiffon (a lighter taste and texture than traditional pumpkin pie) recipe from my Grammy Bee with homemade crust (of course) and…


Since our son is, after all, named after a basketball player, we figured that at two months old he was ready for his first basketball game. We got great tickets from a coworker and left Natalie asleep at home (thanks for watching her, Aaron!) to head out in the FRIGID cold and watch the Huskers beat Miami in the brand new arena - it's definitely worth a trip there just to see the place, it's awesome! The game was really fun. I love the adrenaline of a big sports event!

Stockton was a little overwhelmed by the noise and colors and atmosphere, but he was a trooper and hardly made a peep.

The halftime show was cool, some street-type drummer/performer from New York. There were four college girls sitting in front of us and randomly one turned around and did a complete double-take as she saw Stockton - she frantically poked and alerted her friends to the presence of a very cute baby. We were treated to a plethora of oohs and admiring ahhs for the rest of the game...he already has ch…