Friday, December 13, 2013

Daily December Life

Life is good, and we are happy : ) Both children are growing and changing so fast! I had one of those moments today when I'm startled by how beautiful and perfect and precious Natalie is - she cruised into the kitchen in her stripe-ity pink jammies with bright eyes and an excited expression, holding some toy out for me to inspect and I just couldn't believe this intelligent, joyful little person is my daughter. She is so curious and independent and SMART and lovely.

Stockton loves catching your eye and giving those huge gummy grins - he's different than Natalie was as a baby, as in he's content to just relax in your lap or on the play mat or in the swing; she needed more attention. He is mellow and pleasant where she was observant and feisty. He pretty much has control over his neck and is usually searching for a face to smile upon. We love this little man - every day he evolves into more of an interacting, aware, unique person and it is truly a joy to see.

I LOVE not being a first-time mom anymore. I am so calm and everything seems easier and less stressful. I'm sure a lot of that is related to him sleeping SO much better than Natalie did, but maybe he sleeps better because I'm more relaxed...I guess it's all one big circle. I feel less tired and less emotionally drained, especially since he doesn't have gas issues anymore. It's exciting to watch Stockton grow and develop because this time we know what to look for and how much they really change - looking back we can see where little bits and pieces of Natalie's future self shone through as a baby, so we look for those kinds of things in Stockton and try to foresee his eventual personality.

I really love having them so close in age and I think it will only get better. I hope they are best friends - I hope they love and take care of each other, even in the midst of healthy fighting and memory-making. We don't have plans for more children yet, but this age difference has been a positive experience so far and I can see us maybe having two more close in age again. I can't wait for Stockton to be able to interact with his sister more and have them actually play together...we have some fun times ahead of us!

Natalie L O V E S her blue jacket. First thing in the morning she finds it and brings it to me with her arms outstretched ready to go into the sleeves, "dack-ert, dackert!" ("jacket jacket!") Recently she learned to drink from a straw and her current favorite foods include pizza ("PEEEE-ta!"), bananas, tortellini, and waffles. She got some new books this week and has been reading them nonstop - we've read "My First Dictionary" about a thousand times already haha.

We don't go out as much now that I'm more sane and used to being home with two children, and now that it's gotten so cold outside. It's nice to stay in our cozy home, watching Wreck-it Ralph and Tangled and Boy Meets World over and over again. There's still that magic hour or two in the afternoon when both children are sleeping and I get to read/relax, so I'm grateful for that. (Recently I finished the Legend and Matched trilogies, Looking for Alaska, and The Memory Keeper's Daughter.)

Natsby has made sort of a ritual out of opening the lid of the printer, cramming her body on top of it while ducking under the desk, and then positioning herself so she's looking out and kicking her feet. She also still loves playing peekaboo and going through her toy boxes.

 She adores her Kitty, of course, and is starting to bond with her blankie too. She loves gathering them both up in her arms and giving them huge hugs. She's happy to be front-facing in the car and enjoys the bumbo (so much so that she gets jealous when her brother has a turn and tries to pull him out.)

We're working on only having the bink for sleeping, and so far it's been going better than I thought. She steals Stockton's bink, but then looks over at us with a guilty smile and either tries to jam it back in his face or brings it hurriedly into our outstretched hand. She loves the simple pleasures of licking cookie dough spoons, drinking fountains, and exploring new spaces.

Stockton does a lot of laying and "swimming" and carseat-ing and flopping, but he's happy and makes us happy. It's fun for Austin to have a son and be "men" together.

It's been a great month so far, as you can hopefully tell : )

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