Friday, December 13, 2013


Since our son is, after all, named after a basketball player, we figured that at two months old he was ready for his first basketball game. We got great tickets from a coworker and left Natalie asleep at home (thanks for watching her, Aaron!) to head out in the FRIGID cold and watch the Huskers beat Miami in the brand new arena - it's definitely worth a trip there just to see the place, it's awesome! The game was really fun. I love the adrenaline of a big sports event!

FREEZING in the parking garage elevator

Stockton was a little overwhelmed by the noise and colors and atmosphere, but he was a trooper and hardly made a peep.

The halftime show was cool, some street-type drummer/performer from New York. There were four college girls sitting in front of us and randomly one turned around and did a complete double-take as she saw Stockton - she frantically poked and alerted her friends to the presence of a very cute baby. We were treated to a plethora of oohs and admiring ahhs for the rest of the game...he already has cheerleaders!

We even got to be on that huge jumbo screen during a timeout! Stockton impressed the scouts in the crowd...they all wrote his name down as a future recruit, I'm sure.

We hope to catch some more games in the future!

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