Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the rest of 2013, in pictures

matching shirts (kinda)

 new tradition: Donut Saturday! and napping in her favorite jacket

 "here Mom, some flowers!"

new Christmas Eve Poulsen girls tradish: McD's haha

 she likes sitting on the bumbo on the couch
 tummy time face smush
 a visit from old roomies!
 a light show with music you tune into on a radio station; our favorite holiday house
 playing with gloves to make shopping more fun


for Sam..."baby in a microwave"

 snuggles, a new toy ("flah, flah!" aka "flag"), and my boys sleeping

 checking out the tree and kissing it goodnight

Stockton was not amused and Natalie didn't want to pose for the fishbowl pic

 sassy Natsby

 sleepies, Max on Skype, and bath time

 cute : )

our little man!

 aaaaand some more selfies : ) 

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Such cuties! I feel like I never see you! Hopefully soon, and love the blog!