Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 1

It's BLOG WEDNESDAY, everyone! I've made it the day for blogging...regardless of additional posts throughout the week, I am committing to always update on Wednesdays. I want to be more consistent so I always know that, come Wednesday, it's time for a blog. That way I won't get clogged with a thousand pictures and always feel like I'm catching up. (That's the idea, anyway...)

[Currently Natsby is in her crib "crying" (it's fake, for now)...her bedtime has been a hot mess this past week with all the lovely holiday disruptions. She isn't in a good bedtime groove anymore so we're having to deal with these fake-then-real crying episodes. Hopefully she gets back on track soon!]

Stockton continues to be a rock star - we love our little buddy so much! He's started sort of trying to make some rolling motions, although he's so large that we're not sure he'll be mobile any time soon. He is such a sweet boy, he really is just a love to have around. He is still sleeping well, thank goodness, and we're hoping that trend continues (and maybe bleeds over to Natalie, too!) He's three months old now and very handsome.

Natalie Jane is 17 months today and is saying more words than ever. It's been fun to see her actually come up and tell us things instead of us prompting words. I think my favorite is when she sees me and gives me a hug and says "Momma!" as if she's really happy to have found me. The best. I also love how she says "hot" with a drawn-out "hhhh" and very dictated "t" so it's like "hhhhhhhhhhhoT," especially because she usually whispers that word for some reason. She still loves saying water, kitty, daddy, peaches; new faves include chocolate "chah-do", please "meese", and yoda "yado!"

[She hasn't made noise for a few minutes now...let's hope she's finally asleep!]

Our holidays were awesome, lots of family time and fun and good food and being home. Some favorite memories:
-Chinese food on Christmas Eve with the Poulsens
-skyping with my brother Max at the MTC in England on his mission
-Natsby ripping presents open
-Austin's 14 new books for Christmas
-Stockton getting a John Stockton jersey from Aunt Afton and Uncle Anthony
-hanging out with my brother Sam who was home from college for a few days
-NYE with great friends
-Pizza Ranch - we've been an embarrassing amount of times since it opened in November

We're feeling very grateful and blessed, and looking forward to the rest of 2014. Time is going so fast!

(I used up all of the pictures in the catch-up post but I did find these on my phone...)

 the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles...we can't get enough!

aaaand asleep : ) 

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