Thursday, January 30, 2014

WEEK WHATEVER/Stockton 4 mos

K, forget about the whole numbered week titles...I'm giving up on that deal. But not on BLOG WEDNESDAY, never fear! It just happened that we skipped a BW or two and now we are here on Makeup Blog Thursday. Ready, go!

 ummmmm, the cutest ever, amiright?

Stomp is 4 months old now and weighs a healthy 18 pounds 13 ounces. His carseat is becoming unwieldy - I'm strong, but it's heavy with him inside! The little man is a champ - he loves handing out smiles and carries on gurgling conversations with anyone who will listen. He has started trying to grab things, which I love to watch, and he's still working on rolling over. He is usually happy and sleeps well, yayyyyyy. I repeat: YAYYYYY. He puts up with baths but doesn't really prefer them, he finally got some boy-colored binks (YES THERE IS SUCH A THING AS BOY COLORS, DON'T YELL AT ME!), and he is growing ever more enamored with his sister. It warms my heart full to BURSTING when my children interact - I love thinking of them as siblings instead of just my son and my daughter, separately. Stockton really does light up when he sees Natalie, and she has started paying more attention to him too.

tummy time!

grabbing...check out those CHEEKS

hahahaha i love his green bum
we love when natsby is asleep and we get to have cozies
Time flies!

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