Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Stomp and I just went for a lovely Target browse after Natalie was asleep so Daddy could have a break. It was a win for all involved - Stockton stayed awake the whole time so now he will have a headstart on a good night's sleep tonight; Austin got to read uninterrupted (he was reading some advance chapters from a Brandon Sanderson book that will come out in March, so he's basically hyperventillating); and I got to walk down every aisle with no one to rush me.

As usual, time is flying! Here are some highlights for this week:

It was FREEZING, below zero temperatures and wind chill, so we pretty much hibernated. Cue the couch photo shoot!
"uhh..." I LOVE Stomp's face in this one
"look momma! Stockton!" if he wasn't there all along
still couldn't get Natsby to smile but Stockton was having fun
Natalie woke up stomach-sick one morning this week but quickly recovered, thank goodness. She was in supreme cozy snuggle mode that day - we had tons of cuddles and loves. I'm so glad she's feeling better! I'm also suuuuper glad that Stockton is such a chill little guy - he made it very easy for me to give lots of attention to his sister.

 Kitty: check. Momma: check. Blankie: check.

couch nap
 I never seem to be able to catch many Stomp smiles on camera, but it is so fun to be around him because he loves giving smiles when you make eye contact. He is content in any position but it clearly gives him a lot of joy to be sitting so he can see your face - he gives us lots of eye crinkles and crooked smiles and has started to laugh which is the BEST. He is extremely ticklish, just like his daddy. Another fun fact: Stockton loves the changing table. There isn't really anything that is dangling in front of him or anything but he always lights up when we lay him down there, ha. We love our happy boy!

Natalie, as usual, had fun getting into all sorts of things and making messes and playing with toys.

she kept the bucket on her head for a
really long time haha
knocked all the books off so she could climb on

she runs over as soon as Stockton vacates his seat
A favorite toy this week: the wood ladybug noisemakers. They scare Stockton to death and sort of drive me nuts but it's pretty cute to see her clomping around with them like some sort of Spanish maiden. Another Natsbyism: finding a deserted corner hiding place to play in seclusion.

It is also important to find some time to rest and reflect!

Aren't they just the sweetest? : ) 

Goodnight everyone!

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