Friday, March 21, 2014

5 and 19 months

Hi! Time for a juicy, detailed, satisfying post. It's refreshing to update, isn't it?

 she lovesssss putting a sock on her hand for some reason - she waves like crazy and grins the whole time

The title of this post is a little misleading since by now Stockton is nearly 6 months and Natalie is 19.5, but since I missed most of the past month I thought I'd cheat a little and backtrack. 

 woooo! natalie still loves dancing, no matter what kind of music it is. and often even without music.

Stomp is our champ - he is so calm and easy, but never boring! He loves gumming the plastic turtle on the exersaucer, gently swinging in the jumper while I'm in the kitchen, practicing his increasingly streamlined rolling on the floor, and playing peekaboo with Natalie behind the couch. He is much more content doing an activity for longer periods of time than Natalie was - she was like "um yeah, enough of this" after two minutes, but he'll relax for a lot longer than that. He takes a long afternoon nap, 2 or 3 hours, while his sister is napping too and it is the BEST - I'm definitely taking credit for their nap points for sure. He also has less structured and shorter naps throughout the day, but I don't worry too much about those since Natalie inevitably wakes him up one way or another.

Natalie is a feisty little ball of joy - she gets so excited about her opinions. "Wanna watch Tangled?" "YYYEAHHH!" She just loves talking - to us, to herself, to strangers and friends. It is just the best listening to her figure out new words and concepts and glimpsing her great intelligence. I know every parent thinks their child is smart...but for real, Natalie has it going on, more than just our parental bias. Words she likes currently:
"mishme" missionary
"boh, boh!" bowl (always with an exclamation mark)
"bork" fork
"dawy" dolly
"osha" frozen
"baydo" window
...I could go on and on, she says new things every day and is mostly understandable, at least once you get an idea of what she's thinking.

 she thinks the car is so fun to play in. she especially enjoys the "weeeee-oh" (wheel)

 Some cute things she is doing lately:
-reminds us to pray before we eat
-immediately comes over and plops herself in your lap as SOON as you sit on the floor
-giving her stuffed pink yoshi a kiss and then putting it in front of Stockton so he can "kiss" it too, then laughing hysterically
-doing a belated and very fake laugh when she hears a group of adults laughing - it would be awkward if she weren't a toddler, haha
-my mom showed her a picture of Max (on his mission in Germany) and she said his name and gave him a kiss on the phone
-saying "...poop" after she does her business...she says it very crisply and curtly and sort of quiet, I love it
-LOVES being nakie, just loves it. she may love telling you she's nakie more than actually being nakie.
-points to herself: "na-uh-nie, na-uh-nie!"

 I'm so glad the weather has been nicer!!

Our days go pretty much like this:
wake up between 7-7:30, bkfast, get ready
watch movie one (usually monsters university or frozen, this week) OR go to a friend's house/mall/store
lunch around 11:30/12 (her current favorite: mac and cheese)
nap for 2 hours (and mommy reads, yay!)
wake up, snack time (she must eat whatever it is with a fork: popcorn, ham, toast...all with a fork)
movie two OR go to a friend's house/store/walk
daddy gets home at 4:30 - hang out, dinner, activities...
bed time between 7-7:30 for Natsby
Stockton goes to sleep between 8-9

Sometimes I get a little tired of the monotony and wish I could mix things up more. It's hard to be truly spontaneous with young children, especially if you want to meet up with someone else. Most days though I'm just happy to be home. I am grateful for circumstances that allow me to raise my children in my home and treasure these days, even as I look forward to the days to come when I have a little more freedom. (DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN!?)

...speaking of does it ever end...

Stomp is practicing sitting up, and he's tried several baby foods now. He loves everything that comes on a spoon - it's hard to eat your own food while holding him because he swats at your utensil and even your cup when you go to drink haha. This boy knows what he wants! He is such a LIGHT in our home, he makes everyone feel content and grateful. I love him!

 she reads in her chair and puts kitty on top of her head when she gets bored in the car

 crock-pot, boot...she puts her feet in everything

 she got my shirt stuck around her waist, hahaha /  reading in her little corner nook : )

I mean look at that face - she knows what she wants (and usually gets it!)

And Natsby just entertains us all day long with her antics. She still loves her books (she says it "boot" pronounced like the u in "put"), and climbing is a new passion of hers. I love her ceaseless energy and matter-of-fact conversation. I love that she's sensitive and aware of how others around her feel. She is a little mini me, just as Stockton mirrors his daddy. I love her!


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