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Crib Fort

We had a great time playing in the crib fort today - Natalie loves tents and caves (her version of a cave is just a blanket over your head lol) so she played there for a long time. She got all cozy with two bunnies, kitty, her blankie and three more, and a pillow. She loves being cozy...definitely my daughter!

The ZOO!

I bought a zoo pass yesterday and it is already the best purchase I've made in a while - Natalie couldn't get enough of the zoo, ha. It's the perfect place for her to race around unhindered, totally following her own whims and doing her own deals. She is hilarious! She loved watching the otter swim, seeing the peacock's feathers, and watching the fishies swim. I thought she was going to be pecked by the peacock, she ran right up to it before I could grab her and luckily it ran away instead of attacking, although its mean beady eyes told another story.

 I think she liked the benches more than the animals, however. She made it a point to climb on every single one. Stockton was a doll the whole time, of course...I am so grateful that he is so content and easy to please! I think he liked watching the people.

And of course, she found the stairs, another one of her most favorite activities. She would play on stairs all day if that was an option.

Come to the zoo with us! We g…

Cute Faces

One of the best things about raising your own children is being privy to ALL of their expressions and noises and activities, instead of just some or relying mostly on pictures. My children make me laugh seriously all day long, and I think they will only get funnier as they grow up.

She has such sparkly eyes - I love when she looks right at me.

 Always happy with kitty and blankie in the car : )

attacking the bunny Grandpa and Gramma got the kids for Easter - he likes Natalie's pink one more than his haha
seven months versus seven days - so crazy! 
One of Natalie's top 5 activities lately is stirring. She loves getting a bowl and a spatula and sometimes a measuring cup or spoon and swirling water around in the kitchen...she'll happily play like that for half an hour. If she isn't coming inside or is throwing a fit all I have to do is suggest stirring and she bolts into the kitchen.

 And lately she's been really into pushing the stroller, which I think is very cute:

Mopac Trail

As it has been so nice out, we've been finding new places to walk around and explore. Our current favorite is the Mopac Trail on the eastern outskirts of Lincoln. It's dirt road territory and mostly deserted except for this lovely path lined with trees and with bridges over water (Natalie's favorite part). It's awesome because I can let Natalie totally run free and not worry about cars or her getting away since the path is hemmed in on both sides. We love it!
 picking flowers...she pinpoints the one she wants then turns around and asks "pull?" to make sure she has the go-ahead to behead it

She loves gathering rocks and sticks to throw off the bridge into the water. When someone passes on a bike she yells "bike!" and then "person!" or "people!" She loves the word "people" and tries to use it as often as possible in public settings.


I've been trying to take us on adventures lately - I miss being spontaneous and doing random silly fun things like I used to do. It's a little different with kids, but we've still been finding ways to have fun:

One day we went to the BIG park. It's seriously like a compound - it feels like six playgrounds put together with many ramps, slides, stairs, climbers, swings, and more. In hindsight it really is a two-parent production, but I decided to brave it by myself with Stockton in the bjorn and Natsby running free with us trailing behind. She had a BALL - it's a Natsby paradise with "friends" to observe and places to run ("race! race!" as she says) and all the slides a little girl could hope for. Sidenote: it's difficult to climb up and slide down with a baby strapped to your chest while trying to keep your toddler from jumping over the edge.

All was going well until Natalie got in the path of some rambunctious boys playing tag, positively ri…

Rolling and Eating

That's what this boy has been up to lately - he can roll all the way across the room in seconds, it seems like! I'll leave him in one place, go into the kitchen, and turn around and he's all the way around the corner. He is so wonderful - he loves playing with all his little toys and laughing at his sister and giving us love and nuzzles. 
 Isn't he just so handsome? Just like his Daddy : ) 
Stockton isn't quite sitting up yet so I don't feel comfortable moving him to the bigger carseat, but he's filling out the infant carrier and giving my arms quite the workout. Plus I'm not really sure what to do when we go to the grocery store if neither child is in a carseat...stroller?

This boy loves his Croc, being swaddled, and watching the ceiling fan. He grins as wide as his cheeks will allow when he sees his daddy after work, and could watch Natalie all day. He loves when she comes up to him in the exersaucer or watches him when he's on our bed.

He loves …

Little Friends

I read an article earlier that mentioned someone who wanted to have children so they wouldn't be lonely anymore...I'm not sure that's a good (enough) reason to have children but it's true that once you have a baby you pretty much have a 24/7 companion. (Actually, sometimes I feel more lonely now than when I was single because I am left out of friendships and activities that aren't child-friendly or cooperative.) BUT I absolutely love having my two little pals around all day - we just hang out and get to know each other and enjoy the company.

Okay I realize I'm talking about a baby and a toddler, but it's true: I really treasure my friendships with my children already. I love having frank chats with Natalie about whatever is relevant that day - exercise, church, toys, cars - and I feel like Stockton is always right next to me ready for a smile and a cozy. It is wonderful that there is NO ONE on earth who knows my children better than I (or Austin) do and suc…