Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I've been trying to take us on adventures lately - I miss being spontaneous and doing random silly fun things like I used to do. It's a little different with kids, but we've still been finding ways to have fun:

One day we went to the BIG park. It's seriously like a compound - it feels like six playgrounds put together with many ramps, slides, stairs, climbers, swings, and more. In hindsight it really is a two-parent production, but I decided to brave it by myself with Stockton in the bjorn and Natsby running free with us trailing behind. She had a BALL - it's a Natsby paradise with "friends" to observe and places to run ("race! race!" as she says) and all the slides a little girl could hope for. Sidenote: it's difficult to climb up and slide down with a baby strapped to your chest while trying to keep your toddler from jumping over the edge.

All was going well until Natalie got in the path of some rambunctious boys playing tag, positively ripping down the ramps without watching for the smaller kids. Natalie got knocked clean on her back and, naturally, wasn't happy about it. I am sure she was more startled and overwhelmed than actually hurt, but it couldn't have felt good, either. She was screaming and crying and the boy who ran her over was horrified and apologizing and then Stockton started wailing since Natalie was sort of crushing him and screaming into his ear as I held her while he was still in the carrier. We made our slow, LOUD progression to the car which seemed a mile away, and sort of calmed down once we were in carseats. The aftermath:

Most of the time we stay closer to home. The weather has been gorgeous so we often take at least one walk in the stroller every day. It's nice to be able to jog with them too, although the stroller feels like a thousand pounds. Sometimes I let Natalie run free in the apartment grassy areas, but that is mildly stressful while trying to keep Stockton happy and also make sure Natalie doesn't escape into the street or ruin the things on our neighbors' decks. Oh how I wish we had a fenced in backyard! That will be W O N D E R F U L.

a windy jaunt to the grocery store - I LOVE that it is so close!

It's always a hold-your-breath moment getting into or out of the car with Natalie...she's either totally fine or a complete train wreck haha.
not a train wreck
melt down, after me practically dragging her inside
We try to have some sort of adventure every day!

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