Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crazy April

I had a friend in college who we called Crapril - Crazy April - and that's how I feel about this month already. I know I say this every time but man, time is cruising forward. Crazy! 

Here's a mishmash of photos and events and experiences we've enjoyed this past month:

 Austin's school put on a movie night (Frozen) and Natalie got to hang out with her favorite little buddy. I love how it looks like they're escaping together around that corner haha.

look at that curly hair and rosy cheeks and cheeser smile! happy girl : ) 

Got some good Uncle time with Jack and Aaron - we love living close to family!!! It is so fun to share all these little moments and day-to-day memories with them.

 supporting Jack's Jayhawks during March Madness...we won't discuss how Kansas did...

 just taking selfies during our afternoon snack : ) 

We tried to play frisbee golf with our friends but it was SO WINDY, and not in the typical gust-break-gust way, just gusttttttttttttt-gusttttttttttt the whole time, no break. The men tried to finish a few holes and the women and children huddled in the car - two babies, a toddler, and two moms in the front seat!

 Our little buddy just hanging out : ) And I saw his hand flopped out of the blanket during a nap and it was too juicy not to capture!
"helping" me make pie after Natalie was asleep and Daddy was gone...what a stud

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