Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cute Faces

One of the best things about raising your own children is being privy to ALL of their expressions and noises and activities, instead of just some or relying mostly on pictures. My children make me laugh seriously all day long, and I think they will only get funnier as they grow up.

She has such sparkly eyes - I love when she looks right at me.

 Always happy with kitty and blankie in the car : )

attacking the bunny Grandpa and Gramma got the kids for Easter - he likes Natalie's pink one more than his haha
seven months versus seven days - so crazy! 

One of Natalie's top 5 activities lately is stirring. She loves getting a bowl and a spatula and sometimes a measuring cup or spoon and swirling water around in the kitchen...she'll happily play like that for half an hour. If she isn't coming inside or is throwing a fit all I have to do is suggest stirring and she bolts into the kitchen.

 And lately she's been really into pushing the stroller, which I think is very cute:

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