Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Friends

I read an article earlier that mentioned someone who wanted to have children so they wouldn't be lonely anymore...I'm not sure that's a good (enough) reason to have children but it's true that once you have a baby you pretty much have a 24/7 companion. (Actually, sometimes I feel more lonely now than when I was single because I am left out of friendships and activities that aren't child-friendly or cooperative.) BUT I absolutely love having my two little pals around all day - we just hang out and get to know each other and enjoy the company.

Okay I realize I'm talking about a baby and a toddler, but it's true: I really treasure my friendships with my children already. I love having frank chats with Natalie about whatever is relevant that day - exercise, church, toys, cars - and I feel like Stockton is always right next to me ready for a smile and a cozy. It is wonderful that there is NO ONE on earth who knows my children better than I (or Austin) do and such a privilege that I get to be their mother. 

We had they type of morning where things just aren't working out like you planned and it feels like the universe is conspiring against you, and after spending some time being overwhelmed, I took a step back and thought about what my children would want to do instead of what I was planning on doing. I realized that all Natalie wanted to do was play in the car, so when we got home that's what we did and they LOVED it. Natalie loves pressing all the buttons and pretending to drive, saying "wheeeeel wheeeeel wheeeeel" while steering. A good reminder that my job is to do what is convenient for them, not the other way around.

 We tried out the "big boy" seat instead of the normal carseat attachment for the stroller, and Stockton really liked it! I miss seeing his face as I walk, but he seems to enjoy sitting up and watching whatever passes by.

That big smile on the left is her "look, I did something I'm not supposed to but aren't I cute?!" She climbed into the high chair by herself and was very pleased haha. She just loves climbing. The picture on the right is at Honest Abe's, a d-LICIOUS burger joint in Lincoln that we finally tried and died over. While we were waiting Natalie wouldn't rest until we got her a high chair to sit in, ha.

 Our happy crocodile boy! And the view from my afternoon nap : ) 

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