Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mopac Trail

As it has been so nice out, we've been finding new places to walk around and explore. Our current favorite is the Mopac Trail on the eastern outskirts of Lincoln. It's dirt road territory and mostly deserted except for this lovely path lined with trees and with bridges over water (Natalie's favorite part). It's awesome because I can let Natalie totally run free and not worry about cars or her getting away since the path is hemmed in on both sides. We love it!
 picking flowers...she pinpoints the one she wants then turns around and asks "pull?" to make sure she has the go-ahead to behead it

She loves gathering rocks and sticks to throw off the bridge into the water. When someone passes on a bike she yells "bike!" and then "person!" or "people!" She loves the word "people" and tries to use it as often as possible in public settings.

asking for more rocks

she loves pointing out the sky, and then
raising her arms as high as they'll go and saying
"touch," trying to touch the sky : ) 

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