Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rolling and Eating

That's what this boy has been up to lately - he can roll all the way across the room in seconds, it seems like! I'll leave him in one place, go into the kitchen, and turn around and he's all the way around the corner. He is so wonderful - he loves playing with all his little toys and laughing at his sister and giving us love and nuzzles. 

 Isn't he just so handsome? Just like his Daddy : ) 

Stockton isn't quite sitting up yet so I don't feel comfortable moving him to the bigger carseat, but he's filling out the infant carrier and giving my arms quite the workout. Plus I'm not really sure what to do when we go to the grocery store if neither child is in a carseat...stroller?

and it's so convenient for sleeping!
This boy loves his Croc, being swaddled, and watching the ceiling fan. He grins as wide as his cheeks will allow when he sees his daddy after work, and could watch Natalie all day. He loves when she comes up to him in the exersaucer or watches him when he's on our bed.

He loves eating, especially applesauce. He tolerates vegetables but prefers fruit.

His best naps happen when I lay him down on our bed - he is so snuggly and cozy and warm! I love when I can lay down next to him during Natalie's nap.

asleep at the mall - what a trooper
We love his smiles and giggles and those baby toes - Stockton, you're the man!

being hipster with his hat on a run

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