Sunday, April 6, 2014

State Swimming

We love watching my sister at her swim meets - it's always fun to support your family, but it's especially nice when they are actually GOOD, like Annie! A couple weeks ago we cheered for her at the High School State Championships and she killed it - 8th fastest breaststroker in Nebraska! Gooooo, Shoogies!

 "Natalie, smile!"

my mom was there, duh
I had Stockton in the Bjorn carrier and Natalie in the umbrella stroller (which she hates) and with all the officials strolling around guarding entrances and enforcing *unnecessary* rules, it was pretty stressful lol. Natalie wanted to climb the entire length of packed bleachers without a care for the hundreds of people crowded in there and Stockton didn't really like the noise. BUTTTT it was worth it, and very fun to watch my sister. I live vicariously through my siblings' athletic prowess since I didn't get a drop of it

Natsby with the victor!
getting ready to swim (i think the one in black closest to us?)

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