Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tents and Walks and Messes, oh my!

When my mom came to play last week we decided it was time to set up the tent again. This was the third time we've put it in the living room for Natalie to enjoy and she loves it exponentially more every time, which is really cute. She says "tent, tent, tent" over and over again and calls out the name of whoever she wants in there with her.

"Elder Holland speaking...must pay attention..."
General Conference, a semi-annual weekend of uplifting and clarifying talks from our worldwide leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, happened today and yesterday and it was wonderful, as usual. I enjoy listening more and more every time. It's fun to teach our children that we have a prophet here who leads and guides us and gets direct revelation from God - I felt more acutely the responsibility to rear our children in the Gospel. I especially appreciated a talk from Sister Reeves who spoke to my heart and eased a lot of my unanswered prayers.

 the weather has been nicer so we've enjoyed going on walks - our children are such good sports!

 Natalie emptied all the drawers and shelves multiple times one day...I was going pretty crazy.

But then she does something cute like coming up to me with a basket on her head and not leaving until I take a picture.

Stockton is becoming more and more expressive. His cheeks/lips combo make me laugh all day. He weighs over 20 pounds now - can you believe that? It took Natalie double the amount of time to reach that weight.

 He loves Daddy, "walking," and dogs.

Natalie still just LOVES going to the mall - we went almost every day last week. We're slowly infiltrating the secret mall-walkers association, getting to know the regulars and making friends with the seasoned walkers.

She's finally at the age where she does not like leaving an activity until she is ready - we usually have a little temper tantrum when it's time to leave the mall. Her winning smile makes up for it though : )

Stockton has been practicing sleeping in the bassinet so that he will be ready for his crib - we don't want to move him into Natalie's room until he is sleeping for longer stretches at night, but step one was getting him out of the Rock and Play (which is a MUST for any new parent - it helped Stockton sleep soooo much!)

 I love how much she loves Kitty still, cute thing : ) roaming around after Grandma's 10-mile race (so awesome!!) and then crashing later with typical bum-in-the-air form for nap time.

 She is a spoon/fork pro - she loves using her utensils. 
"chi-ten! chi-ten!"
Natalie thinks all birds are chickens, which is hilarious. I don't feel the need to correct her, haha.

That's what we've been up to lately - we'll try to be better about updating so we can be more personal instead of so scatterbrained!

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