Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The ZOO!

I bought a zoo pass yesterday and it is already the best purchase I've made in a while - Natalie couldn't get enough of the zoo, ha. It's the perfect place for her to race around unhindered, totally following her own whims and doing her own deals. She is hilarious! She loved watching the otter swim, seeing the peacock's feathers, and watching the fishies swim. I thought she was going to be pecked by the peacock, she ran right up to it before I could grab her and luckily it ran away instead of attacking, although its mean beady eyes told another story.

 I think she liked the benches more than the animals, however. She made it a point to climb on every single one. Stockton was a doll the whole time, of course...I am so grateful that he is so content and easy to please! I think he liked watching the people.

And of course, she found the stairs, another one of her most favorite activities. She would play on stairs all day if that was an option.

Come to the zoo with us! We got the pass that lets us bring one guest for free each time, and children under 2 are always free so we'd love to have you!

Side note: I think we are going to have a "day" schedule this summer...zoo day, library day, target day, etc. We'll probably go to the park/on walks most days so we don't need a separate day for that, but maybe we could have try a new park day or something? I'd love to include my friends in our outings, so hit me up!

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