Friday, June 13, 2014

LB Stockton

Grandpa Bim, my dad's dad, has a nickname for all of us (mine is JB for Jessie 'Beth for Jessie Elizabeth, how's that for tangled?) and it's cute that he's continued this for his great-grandchildren. Natalie is NJ, naturally, but I didn't know what LB Stockton stood for until he visited last week. He told me that the first time he saw a picture of his great-grandson, he just looked like a "little buddy," so he called him LB Stockton. Is it still a nickname if the nickname is longer than the original name? Ha, maybe it will just morph into "LB" someday. I think it's cute, especially coming from my characteristically grumpy grandpa.

 showing off his Harry Potter shirt from our friend - isn't he a handsome little marauder?

Other than smiling and giggling, this little boy has been busy studying the carpet (he loves rolling to the corner of the rug and just examining it, haha), cutting some teeth, sleeping in his sister's room, eating baby food and formula, and still right on the cusp of sitting up. He is able to, he's just a little unreliable...his noggin pulls him down if his gravity is off!

I love giving him cozies after he's had a bottle, I love how his wispy hair is ruffled in the back when he wakes up from a nap, I love the padded tops of his feet, I love the blue eyes he got from his daddy, I love how he flails every limb when he gets excited, I love how he recognizes his name and turns to look for who said it, I love love love love this LB Stockton!

he's still in the bassinet...he practically fills it haha
(Also, Prokofiev's third Piano Concerto is on in the background.....SUCH AN EXCITING PIECE!!!)

Baby Drivers Ed

I am LOVING this summer. It may not be as exciting as past summers filled with Europe, roadtrips, summer camps, single adventures, wedding planning, etc, but it is so fulfilling! It is fun to wake up and think, "hmm, what should we do today?" and then go do it! I like asking Natalie what she wants to do. She has only ever given me one of two options, ha: "tzoo" or "shatchews." We also like playing with friends, hanging at the splash pad, and going to the store.

"WHEEEEEEULLLSSSS!" Natalie pretty much idolizes the car cart at the grocery store (it is a complete disaster trying to get her to leave, ugh) and last week we added Stockton to the seat! It was such a fun parent moment, seeing my children sitting together with their wheels!

how fun is it that they are together!?

 "see here, Stockton, this is the horn, and this is the wheel. you got that?"

my view from behind - precious!

^^^ I LOVE this picture! A loud machine turned on right when I tried to take a picture, so they both turned to look at it. I love how they have similar expressions, and how chunky Stockton's legs look through the cart, and how Natalie is being all gangsta with her wheel. Also, note how tan Natalie is and how Stockton "pales" in comparison!
my babes : ) 
Seriously, it was such a fun parent moment. I was surprised and pleased that Natalie wasn't territorial and welcomed her brother in willingly to share her precious wheels - it was so cute! If you pretend that Stockton's eyes aren't bright blue, you can see more of a resemblance between them.

25 Years, Sir!

My dad, Lieutenant Colonel Terry Plumb, is officially retired from the United States Air Force! 25 years of admirable service and sacrifice. I've always been proud of him, and the ceremony last week was an extra reminder of why.

one of the many awards he received
A good family friend and Colonel himself, Bryan Haderlie, came to officiate and "read the record" (AF-speak for "go over career span") and he definitely set the tone for the event. Very gracious, highlighting my dad's achievements without seeming overboard and still making sure everyone remembered how wonderful my dad is. It was fun to hear old work stories from the 5+ states the AF has taken our family and really cool to get a glimpse of how appreciated my dad was at each of his jobs. There was a lot of talk about how it's all good and fine to do well at work, but the important thing was that my dad has always been a family man, and that came across during his career. Another thing that was brought up multiple times is my dad's unfailing integrity and trustworthiness.

recognizing my mom for her support
The whole thing made my heart swell with patriotism - I'm grateful that my dad served our country and instilled American pride in me my whole life. It was emotional seeing the color guard bring in and post the flags, and then have my brother Sam sing the National Anthem. The whole thing felt very official and inspiring and patriotic. Go America! Go Dad!

"retired from the Air Force; never retired from Dad"
My dad's parents and brother came to town for the occasion, and although Max was missing (in Germany on a mission) it was nice to have family gathered together. We (Mom, Jack, myself, Sam, Annie) sang a Beatles song for my dad and all said something, too. Kudos to him for raising multi-talented, eloquent children! : )

the band, Ground Zero
There was a lot of reminiscing about my dad's rock band, Ground Zero, which started in Montana in 1989ish and has reappeared in various bases across the country with various members. They played that night at the after-party and it was so fun!

we love you, Dad! Congratulations!

(Also, let us not forget the single semester I devoted to being an Air Force Cadet in ROTC in honor of my dad)

(showing my roommate how to use the
stirrups that kept the shirt extra tucked)
Congratulations, Lt. Col. Plumb!

(P.S. His next adventure is leading the JROTC program at Lincoln, yes LINCOLN, Northeast High School...we're very excited that he will be even closer than before!!)


Or, more commonly known as "statues." This is what Natalie says when she wants to walk around the UNL campus, where we look at the statues and climb rocks and have a grand time. It was a genius idea by yours truly to come there and play, if I do say so myself...there are hardly any people since it's summertime, and there are benches and shade trees and paths and lots of fun places for Natalie to explore without me having to mark her every move and worry about cars and other dangers. We all love it! We often go several times a week.

look mom! i made it!

 isn't she the prettiest? 

being a champ, as always

more stairs! yippee! we spent like 20 minutes here

 I love how she keeps Kitty close

...can I touch it?

 oh hey sprinkler...getting closer...aaaaand eventually she got soaking wet haha (i like her little shoeprints)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Water Water

Natalie is a water fiend. She can't get enough! She'll take it in any form: bath, splash pad, plastic/real/blow-up pools, puddles, faucet...she could play in water 24 hours of the day. I'm glad Stockton is a good sport about it - sometimes he'll participate in the actual water activity, but mostly he just hangs out and observes. My parents whipped out the puffer fish pool of last summer and Natsby had a blast.

 She loves buckets and cups - anything that holds water that is smaller than a bucket is a cup. Uncle Sam joined in the fun!
July 2013
towel nap (look at those chunky legs!)
Sometimes Stockton lays low (or high, in the case of the high chair), but he gets his game face on when we whip out the shark hat. Behold:


with his Mimi

Seriously. This is a real thing. Haha he loves it, and so do we! I laugh every time I see it. It's nice that his head is protected from the sun, too, but mostly it's just hilarious haha.

 (kimber in the background! : ) )

Blue swimsuit is this year, red swimsuit is Sept 2013...look at those chunky legs! 

On days that we don't feel like braving the outdoors, the bath will have to do. Natalie calls it the "baff."

Water babies, for sure!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bottle Boy

Mr. Stockton decided he wasn't interested in nursing anymore after he had the option of the convenient and fast bottle - I didn't feel like pushing it so we are now fully in Bottle Land. It's actually great - I love being able to have other people feed him and not have to worry about working around nursing times. It's nice to have this new flexibility. It's also fun for him to hold it himself!

We originally gave him a bottle so that he would be fine when I went to work one night a week, and also to maybe encourage him to sleep for longer stretches at night. He sleeps from 7 or 8 at night til 7 in the morning, but he still wakes up to eat at least twice, but then falls right back asleep. It's nice to be able to share the feeding responsibilities now...I can stay in bed and send Austin out there sometimes! : )

Here's how I found him when I checked in during his nap:

my actual first thought: AHH! WHERE'S HIS HEAD!?

he almost always sleeps with a hand/arm over
his face, cute boy
Other things this handsome guy has been up to lately:
*rolling EVERYWHERE...he hasn't had a chance to practice crawling because he never stays on his stomach long enough
*laughing - he is easily amused and it's fun to make him laugh. he loves giggling when Natalie gets close to his face and when we play peekaboo
*napping three times a day - short AM, long afternoon, short PM or just connects into his bedtime
*baby food: his favorites are apples and sweet potatoes
*he doesn't like chewing (things like bananas and little puffs, for instance)
*paying attention when music is playing on the computer or movie - he always turns his head and checks it out
*he's started reaching for us to pick him up, which is adorable

I can't believe he is 8 months old! He is over 22 pounds and doing great. Stockton Luke, we love you!