Friday, June 13, 2014

25 Years, Sir!

My dad, Lieutenant Colonel Terry Plumb, is officially retired from the United States Air Force! 25 years of admirable service and sacrifice. I've always been proud of him, and the ceremony last week was an extra reminder of why.

one of the many awards he received
A good family friend and Colonel himself, Bryan Haderlie, came to officiate and "read the record" (AF-speak for "go over career span") and he definitely set the tone for the event. Very gracious, highlighting my dad's achievements without seeming overboard and still making sure everyone remembered how wonderful my dad is. It was fun to hear old work stories from the 5+ states the AF has taken our family and really cool to get a glimpse of how appreciated my dad was at each of his jobs. There was a lot of talk about how it's all good and fine to do well at work, but the important thing was that my dad has always been a family man, and that came across during his career. Another thing that was brought up multiple times is my dad's unfailing integrity and trustworthiness.

recognizing my mom for her support
The whole thing made my heart swell with patriotism - I'm grateful that my dad served our country and instilled American pride in me my whole life. It was emotional seeing the color guard bring in and post the flags, and then have my brother Sam sing the National Anthem. The whole thing felt very official and inspiring and patriotic. Go America! Go Dad!

"retired from the Air Force; never retired from Dad"
My dad's parents and brother came to town for the occasion, and although Max was missing (in Germany on a mission) it was nice to have family gathered together. We (Mom, Jack, myself, Sam, Annie) sang a Beatles song for my dad and all said something, too. Kudos to him for raising multi-talented, eloquent children! : )

the band, Ground Zero
There was a lot of reminiscing about my dad's rock band, Ground Zero, which started in Montana in 1989ish and has reappeared in various bases across the country with various members. They played that night at the after-party and it was so fun!

we love you, Dad! Congratulations!

(Also, let us not forget the single semester I devoted to being an Air Force Cadet in ROTC in honor of my dad)

(showing my roommate how to use the
stirrups that kept the shirt extra tucked)
Congratulations, Lt. Col. Plumb!

(P.S. His next adventure is leading the JROTC program at Lincoln, yes LINCOLN, Northeast High School...we're very excited that he will be even closer than before!!)

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