Friday, June 13, 2014

Baby Drivers Ed

I am LOVING this summer. It may not be as exciting as past summers filled with Europe, roadtrips, summer camps, single adventures, wedding planning, etc, but it is so fulfilling! It is fun to wake up and think, "hmm, what should we do today?" and then go do it! I like asking Natalie what she wants to do. She has only ever given me one of two options, ha: "tzoo" or "shatchews." We also like playing with friends, hanging at the splash pad, and going to the store.

"WHEEEEEEULLLSSSS!" Natalie pretty much idolizes the car cart at the grocery store (it is a complete disaster trying to get her to leave, ugh) and last week we added Stockton to the seat! It was such a fun parent moment, seeing my children sitting together with their wheels!

how fun is it that they are together!?

 "see here, Stockton, this is the horn, and this is the wheel. you got that?"

my view from behind - precious!

^^^ I LOVE this picture! A loud machine turned on right when I tried to take a picture, so they both turned to look at it. I love how they have similar expressions, and how chunky Stockton's legs look through the cart, and how Natalie is being all gangsta with her wheel. Also, note how tan Natalie is and how Stockton "pales" in comparison!
my babes : ) 
Seriously, it was such a fun parent moment. I was surprised and pleased that Natalie wasn't territorial and welcomed her brother in willingly to share her precious wheels - it was so cute! If you pretend that Stockton's eyes aren't bright blue, you can see more of a resemblance between them.

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