Friday, June 13, 2014


Or, more commonly known as "statues." This is what Natalie says when she wants to walk around the UNL campus, where we look at the statues and climb rocks and have a grand time. It was a genius idea by yours truly to come there and play, if I do say so myself...there are hardly any people since it's summertime, and there are benches and shade trees and paths and lots of fun places for Natalie to explore without me having to mark her every move and worry about cars and other dangers. We all love it! We often go several times a week.

look mom! i made it!

 isn't she the prettiest? 

being a champ, as always

more stairs! yippee! we spent like 20 minutes here

 I love how she keeps Kitty close

...can I touch it?

 oh hey sprinkler...getting closer...aaaaand eventually she got soaking wet haha (i like her little shoeprints)

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