Monday, June 2, 2014


Natalie is getting better at saying her R's and to prove it she really brings it out; for instance, "train" is turned into "trrrrrrrrrrr-rain," basically a two-syllable word because she emphasizes the R so much, ha. We get a kick out of it. We took her on the train ride at the zoo and she LOVED it, so we've done it a couple times since - it may be one of the only times she actually sits still for more than 20 seconds.

 The zoo is awesome. I'm so glad we get to go all the time because if we only went occasionally and didn't have the family pass I'd feel like we really had to get our money's worth with each visit and see every animal, etc. This way if Natalie wants to run around and play in the sand and climb on the benches and then leave, I don't feel like it's a waste. She still loves the otters and peacocks, and Cinderella the horse. Her new favorite "exhibit" is the strollers you can rent at the entrance - she needs like 10 minutes of "wheeeeeeee-ullls!" (wheels) time before she's ready to move on. She's funny. (The strollers are the plastic kind that has a wheel attached to the front - Natalie can't get enough of wheels.)

Aunt Makenzie got to come to the zoo with us last week and it was a blast! Natalie was confused that she wasn't there with us today. They got to ride the train together and run all over the zoo. I love having family so close - it's so fun to share our children with them!

I'm grateful that I made a conscious decision to not complain about the heat or let it hinder my summer outings - normally (aka my whole life) I put up a giant fit about how awful it is outside and blah blah blah, but I was sick of whining about it and letting it get in the way of having fun outside so I've turned a new leaf and embraced the heat! We have already spent more time outside this summer than probably the last two summers combined (since I was pregnant both times and preferred the delicious AC.)

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