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While We Were Gone...

A giant thanks to our families who took care of our children while we were away - we couldn't have done it without you!

Stockton clearly had a great time at his extended sleepover with Austin's family:

 He did such a good job for his first time away from home. We missed our little buddy!

Natalie stayed home but Mimi (my mom) came over and they got to tell secrets and be silly and go on adventures.

 Her new favorite movie is "Waygo" or "Yaygo," otherwise known as the Lego Movie. It is hilarious!
Thanks, guys, for making our little trip a success! I mean, look at how much fun we were having:

The bluffs at the top of our hike were awesome! Beautiful landscape, the best friends.

 we're so indie
My water bottle smells like campfire, so every time I take a swig I feel a pang..What a great weekend!

Couples Retreat, Camping Style

CAMPING! That's what we did this Fourth of July. My best friend from middle school, Ananda, flew out with her boyfriend, Christian, and the four of us spent the weekend in Fullerton, NE, communing with nature and small-town midwest. We left Stockton with the Poulsens and my mom came to watch Natalie at home, so the children sort of had mini-vacations too!

 We have been looking forward to this trip since last winter and were not disappointed! It started off kind of rocky with weather delays/missed connections, but Ananda and Christian were troopers and rented a car in St. Louis (after flying out of D.C.) to drive through the night to maximize our vacation time. Talk about commitment! We had a 6AM Panera breakfast, showered at my parents' house in Omaha, packed the car full to BURSTING, and piled in for the 2 hour drive.

 We camped at Broken Arrow Wilderness and were pleasantly surprised to find the tent side of camp completely deserted, so we had this entire wooded area to ours…