Thursday, July 3, 2014

Daughter and Son

Maybe because I'm only 23, or I've only been married (almost) 3 years, or most of my long-time friends don't have kids yet, or I don't have a minivan, but I sometimes feel like it's weird or unexpected that I'm a mom. Not that I don't feel comfortable or capable or love my children or any of that, it's just I've looked forward to this stage of life since I was little, and now I'm actually here in the middle of it and it seems like it came out of NOWHERE. Does that make sense? I love that I've added "Mom" to my identity, and I could talk your ear off about sleeping routines and breastfeeding and birth stories and binks and which brand of diapers I use (right now, Luvs), but I still feel like I'm playing pretend sometimes, since ten years ago this is what I was dreaming about, and ta daa! now I'm here.

I don't refer to my children as "my daughter" and "my son" very often at all, for some reason. Those words don't seem natural coming out of my mouth yet, as if someone ten years older and wiser and more pinterested should be saying them. But, I have a daughter, and I have a son, and they are mine and I love them incredibly. It's true that you really learn what it means to love unconditionally. Being a mom is indescribable, so I won't try to put it into words here. However, I will say that when I do take a step back and think about how I have the responsibility and purpose of loving and raising these beautiful little people who will grow into real adults (woah!) I kind of can't believe it. How lucky are we to be parents, especially while we are young? I love and appreciate my own parents and really value my relationship with them...crazy that one day I will talk to Natalie about boys and college and teach Stockton to drive and make touchdowns, and hopefully have just as fulfilling a relationship with them as I do with my own parents. So much to look forward to! 

I am so proud of my daughter and son - they are precious and loving and individual. I love watching them grow up together! I am so grateful they are close in age, and hopefully in relationship. They are the best, even when they won't let me take a happy picture of them : ) 

Also, check out how they match in the last picture: holding their drinks, sprawled out similarly, cozy with blankies, etc:

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  1. Loved it Jessie! (And Austin I don't even want to hear, "Hey, where's my credit? Who said she wrote it?")