Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rain, Shine, and Other Adventures with my Natsby

Natalie's new favorite thing is RAIN. She can't get enough. The other day she looked outside and then came over to me and said, "yrain...on." (translation: turn the rain on!) She doesn't really understand weather haha, but it was cute.

 she had so much fun can't really tell but it was POURING. i went out to play too : )

The weather has been delightful - we've spent most days at different parks. We found one today that is a hidden gem! It was completely deserted and hiding along this cozy trail, but it's new and nice and so fun. We loved it and will definitely be back - extra bonus: it's right by Austin's work!

 this mini spinner was the perfect Natsby size...she loved it!

We've spent a lot of time with family this summer and it's been great! We love when people come to visit. I'm so glad we live close to our parents and most of our siblings so our children will know and love them, and vice versa!

 "Jeeeeeeack" as Natalie says, and Mimi reading time!

 reading corner, booty shorts, making messes but staying happy

 relaxing, sanding, and mac-and-cheezing

 zoo, cozies, "pah-sickle!"

 waiting for mommy, a teeny pony, and her favorite hang-out spot lately

my beautiful, smart, wonderful Natalie Jane : ) 

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