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The Beard Blog

Fact: Every important man in history has had a beard.


Fact: Evil men are more likely to be clean-shaven.


Conclusion: Heroes have beards, and sadistic psychopathic murderers shave everyday.

So, after reaching this conclusion a little over a month ago, I decided I needed a beard. It was the only obvious choice I could make after uncovering such overwhelming evidence. So I grew a beard.
But, alas, it grew uncomfortable, and itchy, and Jessie wasn't fond of kissing me anymore, so I decided that it was time to chop it. I wanted to have a little fun doing it, though.
And finally...

Natalie's Ark

For Family Home Evening this week we made one of our favorite dishes, chicken filo, and our friends brought a favorite dessert, pavlova. Teamwork is the best, people! Our lesson was on Noah's Ark, which was really fun. We sang a song and told the story and then had Natalie and Will pile all the animals we could find in our apartment into the "ark." Then we shut them in and it "rained" until Olaf the "dove" brought news of land and the flood was over and they took turns hiding in the box. The next day Natalie saw the box and said, "boat! aminals."

 we rocked the box to make it seem like it was on water...croc didn't make the cut for the ark

 If you noticed that their shirts looked wet, they definitely were, because we had had a water gun fight previously (which is SO FUN with two-year-olds, haha!).

We calmed down with dessert and a movie. It is so fun sharing family night with awesome friends!

A Poulsen Birthday, Too (or Two)

Never mind that it was over a week late, but we had a blast celebrating Natalie's birthday with our Lincoln family. Natalie got more cake, more presents, and more love! 

 Bad Cop Lego LED keychain, a stuffed Olaf, froggy backpack from the aquarium, and a bubble gun. Plus snacks and cards from Great-Grandma Poulsen. Natalie wanted to play with each toy more than she wanted to open more presents, ha. I guess she's content with just one or two; we're not at the "what's next!?" phase yet.

We had cake, and as usual, Natalie took blowing out the candles very seriously. She loves it so much!

 contrary to popular belief, she is 2, not 11 haha
Probably (okay, definitely) her favorite gift of the night though was her brand new red bike from Grandma and Grandpa - she was SO excited! Grandpa brought it out of the garage and she immediately said "on! on! rrrride it!" It's the perfect size - her feet reach and everything, and she plays in, on, and around it m…

Parks and Play Dates

We've spent a lot of time at parks this summer and I LOVE it. It's especially fun to go with a friend(s) so you can chat while the children play.

One day we went and only stayed for a few minutes because it was SO HOT, oh my gosh. I feel like I can't really complain because this Nebraska summer has been mild and wonderful, but that day was soooo gross. So many pink cheeks and sweaty curls!

Stockton and I had a photo shoot as we played (hid) under the equipment in the precious shade

The park was completely deserted. Ghost town! 

 Seriously, we were probably there for 9 minutes, and even that short we were wiped out!
The kids looked so cute for church the other day but just absolutely refuse to make a picture of the two of them work. Will I have to wait until they are 4 and 5 before they will (sort of) sit still and, heaven forbid, actually smile? At the same time!?

 ha, even though they aren't good pictures I still think the effort apparent is funny

As we've been pr…