Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Poulsen Birthday, Too (or Two)

Never mind that it was over a week late, but we had a blast celebrating Natalie's birthday with our Lincoln family. Natalie got more cake, more presents, and more love! 

 Bad Cop Lego LED keychain, a stuffed Olaf, froggy backpack from the aquarium, and a bubble gun. Plus snacks and cards from Great-Grandma Poulsen. Natalie wanted to play with each toy more than she wanted to open more presents, ha. I guess she's content with just one or two; we're not at the "what's next!?" phase yet.

We had cake, and as usual, Natalie took blowing out the candles very seriously. She loves it so much!

 contrary to popular belief, she is 2, not 11 haha

Probably (okay, definitely) her favorite gift of the night though was her brand new red bike from Grandma and Grandpa - she was SO excited! Grandpa brought it out of the garage and she immediately said "on! on! rrrride it!" It's the perfect size - her feet reach and everything, and she plays in, on, and around it most of the time. 

 introducing Bad Cop and Olaf to the bike (she escorts all of her toys for separate rides, haha!)

she leaves Olaf here when we go on errands

snack time and movie watching also happen on the bike

modeling mr. frog, hugging him, and pointing out the huge eyes 

 Olaf in the box....warm hugs, "hairs!" and trying to eat his nose. she asks to sleep with Olaf at night, which we allow, but she also asks for her "chichen" (kitchen) and bike to come into her crib. Nope.

We're so glad we have so much family surrounding us so things like birthdays can be extra fun : ) Thanks, guys!

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