Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Very Natsby July

Sometimes I find a bunch of pictures that I forgot about but can't bear to throw out. So here's my sweet girl from July, in pictures:

 waiting for Daddy to get home

Susannah (Sus, Snus, Snusan, Zan...Stathee) came home from grad school in Washington so we got to spend lots of fun time with her. YAYYY it has been too long!
 modeling, and waving hi to the big ball of aluminum foil that is mysteriously on Austin's night table (?)

she LOVES pulling clothes out of the laundry basket and putting them on. sometimes she gets stuck in a sleeve and gets reallly mad.

cozies : ) she loves laying on Daddy's pillow and using Mommy's blankie

 communing with otters, her very first independent ice cream cone, and peeking out of the strollers at the mall

 one of her favorite positions lately

the sucker at church = LIFE SAVER.

 one of her favorite activities: putting the "monies" into the change jar

 She calls this activity "sitting." She can't get enough. 

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