Wednesday, August 13, 2014

...and Stockton too, of course

cozy in the dog bed at my parents', haha

 aaaaand he's mobile! an army crawl pro. nothing gives him more joy than going over to the toy baskets and dumping them.

I just love his happy face!
 I kept this picture because it shows a Stocktonism: the arm windmill. He gets his arms flapping so fast when he's excited!

cozy post-nap bottle : ) 

 already a selfie pro

 loves to eat! i love watching him meticulously pick up each piece. 

loving the slide

Still a champion sleeper (even through Natalie's night time antics, oy), loves bottles and foods and cozies, army crawls everywhere, his favorite toys include my water bottle, bike pedals, and the electronic CatchPhrase. His feet are expressive and grab almost as well as his hands, and he says the "ma" "ba" and gutteral throat sounds. 10 months already, can you believe it?

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