Monday, August 4, 2014

Dos, Deux, Zwei....TWO!

Natalie Jane turned TWO last week! Can you believe it? Two actually has much less of an "omg" factor for me than when she turned one, because she really acts two. She's been "almost two" for the past few months, talking more than ever, running around, knowing all her colors, etc, so it just makes more sense that she's actually, officially two.

(BUT STILL - I'm 23 and I have a two-year-old? Cray.)

We were still recovering from our trip on her actual birthday (August 1st) but we found ways to make it special. Zoo with our best friends, donuts and a balloon at the store, pizza for lunch. Most of our family was out of town, but Uncle Sam and Pop-Pop were able to make it for official cake time. I asked Natsby what color cake she wanted, and she said "fire!" (fy-errrr, more like) So I made an orange and red (dang it, pink) cake with yellow frosting and orange candles. She loved it!

 It wasn't intentional, but her outfit matches the cake!

 She ate so much cake, haha. You're only two once, right?

she liked watching her shadow
last year versus this year:

 1 and 2

now and then

 she LOVED this balloon. totally worth it. she was mad it wasn't green by the end of the day though.

 day one, week one, 6 months, and 2 years : ) 

She loves her kitchen from Pop-Pop (and Mimi) and can't get enough of the slide we got her. So fun!


 Also, she found this football and chewed on it yelling excitedly, "CORN! CORN!" Ha.

Happy birthday, pretty girl! We love you!

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