Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Parks and Play Dates

We've spent a lot of time at parks this summer and I LOVE it. It's especially fun to go with a friend(s) so you can chat while the children play.

One day we went and only stayed for a few minutes because it was SO HOT, oh my gosh. I feel like I can't really complain because this Nebraska summer has been mild and wonderful, but that day was soooo gross. So many pink cheeks and sweaty curls!

Stockton and I had a photo shoot as we played (hid) under the equipment in the precious shade

The park was completely deserted. Ghost town! 

 Seriously, we were probably there for 9 minutes, and even that short we were wiped out!

The kids looked so cute for church the other day but just absolutely refuse to make a picture of the two of them work. Will I have to wait until they are 4 and 5 before they will (sort of) sit still and, heaven forbid, actually smile? At the same time!?

 ha, even though they aren't good pictures I still think the effort apparent is funny

As we've been preparing to move into our cute little rental house there have been boxes in our living room, and Natalie is in box heaven. She has made one her permanent home, which is fine with me because I think it's so cute that she likes hanging out in there. 

 I also let her draw on them and she LOVES that. I do too, until she draws on the chair.

swinging glee

and post-park naps. so precious : ) 

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