Sunday, August 3, 2014

Posse Reunion 2014

Meet the Posse:
Obviously we are pretty cool.
The above picture was taken over seven years ago. A week ago, we were together again in the same spot, so we decided to recreate the magic. Here is the result:
Other than the fact that I have put on about 200 lbs. since the first one was taken, not much has changed. Well, that and a couple of us have kids now.
We started calling ourselves the Posse back in high school. We were hanging out in Logan, Utah one time when we heard news of a violent new gang called the 'Logan Posse.' We joked about calling ourselves the 'Montpelier Posse' and challenging them to a classic rumble, complete with switch-blades and broken glass bottles. We never fought them, unfortunately, but the nickname stuck, and we call ourselves The Posse to this day.

Our little Posse of five, though, has evolved over the years. Four of us are married now, two of us with kids, and the fifth one is currently in a pretty serious relationship. We really hope they get married, cuz she's really cool and would make a great addition to the Posse.

Here is what the evolved Posse looks like today:
As good as we looked before, I have to admit that the addition of the women-folk has greatly increased our overall level of hotness.
On the very left is Ryan. Ryan is probably the most talented athlete I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He was second in the state in Cross Country in high school, on the Varsity Basketball team, and played on the Varsity Golf team and Varsity Baseball team simultaneously. Yeah, simultaneously. That wasn't even allowed at my school, but both coaches wanted him so bad that they made an exception.
Ryan being super athletic, as usual.

Just to the right of Ryan (I'm referring back up to the picture of the Posse and wives and kids, in case you were confused) is his Paraguayan wife Vanessa. She came here to the states a few years ago to visit her sister, took one look at Ryan, and decided she was never leaving. Her English is really good now, but it was fun to hear her talking in Spanish every once in a while because it reminded me of all my Hispanic friends from my mission.Vanessa's favorite food is s'mores, or "es'mores," as one would say it in Spanish.

To the right of Vanessa is Natalie, then Jessie, then me, then Stockton, but you know all of us, so I won't spend any time introducing our family.

To Stockton's right is the Tatro family, Carrie, Goose, and their little son Michael. They named Michael after Michael Jordan, probably hoping that he would be better at basketball than my son Stockton, but we all know that will never happen. I mean, sure, Jordan could dunk it, which was a little bit cool, but John Stockton is the all-time leader in assists and steals. HE IS THE ALL-TIME LEADER IN TWO OF THE MAJOR STATISTICAL CATEGORIES OF THE NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION. Anyways, back to the Tatro family: Goose is probably the funniest person I have ever met, in more ways than one. One of the things that I find funniest about him is his extreme sense of indecisiveness. Many, many times have I heard him say one thing with complete confidence, only to completely contradict himself in his very next sentence. Example: "Poulsen, we can't support him. But dude, we should really try to be supportive of him."
I feel like this picture perfectly portrays Goose's over-accomplished sense of indecision.

The Posse met Carrie for the first time at an Especially For Youth conference in Montpelier. Goose was immediately smitten with her, and begged us to surround her as we serenaded her with a song called "You Are the Love of My Life." I'm not sure how much she enjoyed it, but it must have worked, because they sure seem to like each other now. I mean, they got married and everything, right?

On Goose's right is Anna. Contrary to popular belief, she is not half-Mexican. She is, however, half Asian. Half Asian and half-Tai, or something like that. She is very athletic. I totally got owned by her in Basketball (although that might have something to do with the fact that I was out of breath within the first thirty seconds of the game and couldn't force myself to play defense for the rest of the time). I will get my revenge one day.

With Anna is her boyfriend Fluff. You can't tell anymore but his hair used to be really fluffy, and back in high school everyone called him Fluff. It's weird to see him around people that he has met in college because they call him Cameron, which to me is like calling Gus by his given name, Burton. I mean, it's his name, but it's not what he's called, you know? (Gus/Burton is a Psych reference, and if you don't watch Psych, stop reading this blog and go buy the first season on DVD) Anyways, Fluff is the smart one of the Posse. He got 35 on the ACT, and he just recently scored in the 95th percentile on the MCAT.
You can kinda see the fluffy hair in this pic. Doesn't he look distinctly intelligent? 
 Then last, but not least, on the far right side of the Posse+Wives+Kids pic is the Jacobs family, Anj and Joanna. Anj is the all-time king of hyperbole. I used to get so jealous of his abilities to tell stories in high school. Then one day I realized that the ability to tell stories well has a direct correlation with one's ability to come up with a good hyperbole. Anj literally uses hyperboles about ten thousand times a day. And it's funny every time he does.
Haha try and tell me this is not the most hilarious thing you've ever seen. You can practically feel the hyperbole of the mustache dripping right off the screen.
Joanna is the last one in the pic. She recently accepted a teaching position in Sugar Salem, Idaho. She will be teaching English at a middle school. Good luck, Joanna. You're braver than I am. Joanna's family is from South Dakota. Her dad owns about a million guns. Just ask Anj.

So anyways, that's the Posse. We try to get together as often as we can, which isn't very often anymore because we all have lives and jobs and families now.

Some of our favorite things to do when we get together are:
Foosball (we name all of the players, which makes it twice as fun. The red goalie's name is Comte de Rochambeau, which I think is awesome. The blue goalie's name is Johnny, or Juan, depending on our mood)
NBA Hang Time, or Hangover, as it has lovingly been dubbed. 
And for some reason, fishhooking me has become one of our favorite pastimes. I'm preparing Stockton for the day when his friends will decide it's a good idea to tear his face apart with their fingers.
Anyways, I won't bore you with any more details. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun.

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