Saturday, August 2, 2014

Roadtrip 2014, part one

SO. We made it. Our first road trip (i.e. more than an hour) as a family of four. And we survived! Flourished, even! What a great trip!

Here's the basic itinerary:

WED - drive through the night
     Natalie gets carsick 4 times, lovely
     Stockton sleeps most of the way
     we owe you, Redbull
one last run along the wall before takeoff
THURS - pull in to Grammy Bee's house at 9:30am
     shower, let the kids play, regroup
    lunch with the Birdsalls, our NE friends who were also in UT (I guess we just can't get enough of them at home!)
     temple tour/nap for the children in the car
    connect with my Aunt Jennifer and fam in Orem
     Chinese for dinner
running at Gbee's....yay, we're here!

ha, the blinds were a huge hit for both

 Oquirrh Mountain, Draper, and Mount Timpanogos temples. SO BEAUTIFUL! and the spirit is SO STRONG!

FRI - divide and conquer
     Austin plays bball with buddies in Provo, then catches a ride with Fluff to Idaho
     I take the babes to the aquarium ("fisheeeeeeeees!")
    kids nap on the drive to SLC to hang out with Aunt Laura and co.
    Wheeler Farm ("hoh-seeeees!" horsies)
     dinner with Jocelyn, another NE friend who now lives in UT - SO FUN
    the most splendid scenic drive through Emigration (Immigration?) Canyon to meet Austin in Idaho

at the aquar- the kids were SO GOOD!

Natalie is too cool for my cousins

my handsome happy boy
still not buying it
binks and high chairs and fun with Jocelyn/CAFE RIO IS SO GOOD

my wimpy attempt at capturing the
drive- trust me, it was just magically beautiful
Ross and Linda's cozy chairs - reminded me of "Up"
SAT - Posse Reunion
     all sorts of posse activities - bball, foozball, naps with the kids, park, Bear Lake, lunch at the Ranch Hand, chatting, laughing, child-wrangling, group dinner, raspberry shakes, old home videos, etc (more on that from Austin, later)

 playing at the Goldings- Natalie lost her pants, and Stockton bonded with Michael (John Stockton and Michael Jordan, eh eh?!)

I LOVE ROSS AND LINDA - a fun lunch at the (only) local place

At the lake:

 Natalie could not get enough of the water (no surprise)

 SUN - church in the a.m.
     meet up with Austin's family (who met us there, also from NE)
     posse pictures in the traditional spot
     dinner at Ross and Linda's, where we were also staying (THEY ARE THE BEST)
     sunset drive back to Utah; sleep at Gpa Winterton's in Fruit Heights

the posse! ryan/vanessa, poulsens, carrie/goose/michael, anna/fluff, anj/joanna
our "grandparents" in Idaho : ) 
to be continued...

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