Saturday, August 2, 2014

Roadtrip 2014, part two

MON - fun breakfast at Kneader's, one of our traditions
     park time
    try to tame Natalie from terrorizing poor Gpa Winterton by touching all his fragile stuff
     dinosaur park in Ogden - big hit!
    deli sandwiches at Gma Poulsen's
     hang out til dinner - relaxing in the backyard, sneaking away for a slurpee date, Natsby sprinkler time
    dinner at Uncle Sanford's - so much fun with all of Austin's cousins...kickball, pictures, cake and ice cream (and a KILLER HUGE GIANT AWFUL beetle on poor Alex, Makae's friend)
    back to the Winterton's


 Natalie kept saying "scary" and roaring

  one of Natalie's favorite activities- playing in the sink 

with Gma Poulsen -doesn't he look old here?

TUES - raining!!
    Temple Square ("Moh-ni!" Moroni, the angel on top of the temple)
    introduced the Poulsens to Hires Big H, a Sanders (my mom's side) tradition
    aquarium part two, with everyone else ("jehyee!" jellyfish)
     naps in the car while we drive to Layton to see my Aunt Julie and Grammy Bee and cousins Spencer and Katie
     dinner at Garcia's Mexican Restaurant - Natalie gags and throws up (classic)
     Lego Movie back at the Wintertons, then bed

i like this more than the "good" one - it's definitely our family
haha Natalie's arms


the tunnel at the aqaurium
WED - divide and conquer, part two
    fam to Timpanogos Caves, babes and I to Jocelyn's
    play time, then lunch at noodles (Henry gags and throws up - aren't they meant to be?)
    cake bites at Sweet Tooth Fairy
    lamenting that we don't live da best, Jocelyn!
    home for naps, then meet the fam at the Poulsen dinner tradition, Old Spaghetti Factory
    brown butter mizithra...drool for daysssss
    home for rootbeer floats and packing

 their first date, can you stand it!?


our favorite bookstore, Weller Books

running off our dinner! (check out the team carseat hold, too)
THURS - home!
    mostly uneventful - we don't worship idols, but if we did it would be the portable DVD player for Natsby...SAVED OUR LIVES
    too much construction + long stops + leaving later than we expected = home around 11pm, ha

she used this as a sort of koozy, haha!
she picked up the whole thing and drank from it
Happy Homecoming to us! See you next time, UT and ID!

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